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xGPS is a free project aiming to bring powerful and easy to use navigation software to the iPhone and iPod Touch. xGPS has many powerful features including: turn-by-turn directions, vocal instructions, offline maps support and more. A utility called xGPS Manager can be used to download maps on to your computer, and upload them wirelessly to your iPod Touch or iPhone. xGPS currently uses Google Maps for maps and the routing data, meaning xGPS will work wherever there is Google Maps support.

Please note that this website is under heavy construction and not all the pages are written. If you want to help to write the documentation, feel free to create an account and start writing pages. Guidelines for pages writing will be published soon.

Getting started

To install, configure and use xGPS successfully see the Documentation page.

Community & Forum

xGPS has already a great community around it. You can easily get help by visiting the forum at

Features list

Please note that this list is non-exhaustive.
  • Offline maps support (no need to have an Internet connection to display maps)
  • Multiple maps type (normal maps and terrain maps)
  • Online routing functionality using Google Maps
  • Turn-by-turn directions following your GPS position
  • Voice instructions (only in English, using a synthesized voice)
  • GPX Logging support
  • Wireless managing mode using xGPS Manager
  • Night mode (for better night time visibility)
  • Support for multiple GPS devices (xGPS Module, iPhone 3G internal GPS, iGPSD cable for Holux GPS, iGPS360, G-Fi GPS)